One of my first apps on my iPad (actually my dad’s) was draw something, and I have shared some pictures on instagram and on tumblr and to be honest sometimes I draw pretty well but sometimes I wonder how the other people playing with me guess what I just drew to them… So I’m going to be sharing some of my drawings either to make fun of me or to show off my drawing skills… 



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New additions to my musical jewelry collection.

I got this G and F clefs necklace when I was in Bogotá in the National University along with the Violin earrings, the necklace was originally $4000- Colombian Pesos and the earrings were $5000-. I got them both for $6000- pesos. Scored!!!

The Gold violin necklace I got it a while a go from a school mate, although I think you can find it and wholesale. I showed it in a tiny haul before.

I have a video on my Musical Jewelry Collection and these are new additions but since there are only 3 it wouldn’t make sense to do a whole video on them. 



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So my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 months now (as of June 22, 2012) and he got some really cute gifts. 

1. He gave me a pillow that says “Te quiero” which means I care about you (or I love you ) and I love it cause it’s in a heart shape, smells really good and matches my room decor! 

2. Then he got me a cute card, I almost got him that same one cause we shopped our presents at the same shop in our neighborhood mall, but I got a different one instead. Those kind of cards are imposible to write on with markers (although I used sharpie and worked just fine) so he wrote on it with paint, which I thought was really sweet :)

3. He gave that colorful bracelet with a lot of hanging beats. I liked it a lot and I told him I can’t wear it while playing violin cause then it would make a lot of noise, lol. Also I told him he got me some bells so he could easily now where I am.  My mom said Milo (the tiny kitty we rescued) could use all of those bells.

4. He gave me a Hershey’s chocolate bar but I already ate it :P

yay for sweet boyfriend!

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These are some of the pictures I took of the Bond girls performing in Medellin at The Plaza Mayor, it was an amazing experience and it was great to get to see them live. 

See their performance here:

Follow them on twitter:!/BONDQUARTET

Check their official website:

Part 2 of this post (more pictures):

Sara Tune’s Opening Bond’s Concert:

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So, I went to Bond’s (the four girls string quartet) concert in Medellin on June 15, and the opening singer was a Colombian girl (from Medellin actually) called Sara Tunes. Her music kind of reminds me of Anahi (mexican ex RBD singer) and she had the most beautiful sparkly dress ever! 

You can watch her performance here (on my music channel haha): 

Check out her music:

Follow her on twitter:!/saratunes

Check her official website:

Pictures from Bond’s Concert:

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